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Morgan Dawkins

Morgan Dawkins

As the offspring who has grown up surrounded by real estate pursuits, discussions, and deals. Now I can proudly say I am now a protege up and coming Real Estate agent in a business that I truly love.

Naturally, I developed a passion for all things Real Estate at the tender age of 10. Growing in wisdom continuously now for the past decade-plus, furthermore, I have gained much experience in investment properties, property management, remodeling, and overseeing construction projects. Yes, I have pursued all of this, even while attending primary school and now college.

Real estate runs through my veins and arteries; Probably because I come from a large family with backgrounds in real estate, architecture, construction, the oil industry.

Additionally, I am also pursuing a career in Bio-Chemistry to become a Psychiatrist, so I may serve others in the discovery process to obtain their own personal life harmony. Living my purpose in human health and Real Estate is my passion for life. My commitment to our clients is that whatever I do, I will relentlessly put my heart and soul into it to make it happen! Thank you in advance for choosing our team and I to serve you.

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